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What Is Included ?

Our intimate knowledge of the 3PL warehousing industry has allowed us to understand our client’s needs. In order to simplify the outsourcing process, we have included several ‘standard Inclusions’ that many of our competitors charge as an additional (or hidden) fee.

Our Standard Beat Their Extras:

Online Real-Time Tracking – Track and trace every order fulfilment online regardless of carrier or destination.

  • Discounted Freight Rates – Take advantage of our long term relationships with the best freight companies in the country. Our systems identify the best and cheapest routes by comparing carrier rates for every order. The savings to you and your company are HUGE!
  • Address Validation – Every time you send us your orders, we wash the data through our address validation system which ensures we ship your orders to the correct addresses. This in turn reduces your returns and customer complaints.
  • Returns Processing – Use our return address for returns processing. We manage the PO boxes/bags for you, so just use our boxes. We will receive your returns, process them and report back to you.
  • Inventory Management – Your products will be managed using our sophisticated 3PL logistics software. Every item that you carry is tracked and managed from initial receipt to the pick and pack and final dispatch.
  • Cyclic Counts – Part of our logistics and warehousing services, cyclic counts are performed on your inventory as standard.
  • Dedicated Account Manager – You are guaranteed the highest standard of customer service with a dedicated account manager to manage your day-to-day product fulfilment needs.
  • Daily Reporting – Have daily reports emailed to you or accessed via our online portal.
  • Supplies – We also include the supply of stationary and the printing of invoices and packing slips in the price.
  • Pallets – Storage pallets are supplied for free as long as your products are stored with us.
  • No fees for unloading containers include stacking pallets, shrink wrapping and put away
  • Security – Your data is safe with us as it is stored in secure data storage in a tier 1 data facility.
  • Expertise – Utilise our 50 years of combined management experience in the fulfilment and logistics industry. Feel free to bounce new ideas off us. If you have new products coming through we can help with pricing for freight or postage. Or you may want to know the best way to pack it and the packaging required.

The Easy Choice

NPF can offer you more than other drop shipping companies – just call us and let us show you how.