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Premium and Subscription Fulfilment

premium_mangSmall volumes of subscriptions can easily be handled in-house, but as your company grows and followers increase, the most logical solution is to trust the 3PL logistics expertise of NPF.

Our state-of-the-art logistics and warehousing services can manage magazine or newsletter listings in conjunction with your database. Our system of defining orders allows for greater organisation and a more accurate printing of labels and delivery.

We’ll Take Care of Everything

NPF can easily manage magazine and newsletter product subscriber lists with special routines including:

  • Annual subscriptions
  • Specified number of issues
  • Last issue
  • Renewal dates
  • Other subscription considerations

Saving You Money on Shipping

Did you know that the cost of shipping a watch can be halved if you package it correctly? Our breadth of experience and knowledge of postal requirements can give your company an edge by saving you money in unnecessary costs.

Our expertise and close relationships with a number of freight companies make us more competitive than other drop shipping companies. Bring us to the table early on and allow us to handle the receipting, addressing and fulfilment of your premiums.

Get in touch with us today about your magazine or newsletter subscriber list and let us show you how our team can save you time and money.