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Point of Sale Distribution

National Product Fulfilment is a company with specialised logistics and warehousing services to fill any 3PL logistics requirement. Our expertise and advanced software make us the perfect choice for the management of your print and literature fulfilment as well as the precise distribution of your point of sale products.

Our sophisticated POS management system and specialised production area make servicing your point of sale market easy and convenient. Whether you’re putting together 25,000 packs with the same content, or 2,500 packs with variable content, it all gets done on site with our accuracy guarantee.

Point of Sale Distribution

Comprehensive Task Support

It can prove challenging to dispatch point of sale sets that include components from different suppliers. NPF provides the most comprehensive support features to handle the task and avoid unnecessary complications:

  • Checking that the stock received is what was ordered
  • Organising of different combinations of items to different destinations
  • Ensuring all destinations receive the goods at a pre-determined time to match marketing campaign schedules
  • Optimising freight spent
  • Ensuring availability of proof of deliveries for all destinations dispatched
  • Continuous reporting to keep the campaigns monitored at all times

Our POS system, coupled with the advanced training of our team, is designed to:

  • Manage your requests through our POS pack management system
  • Receive stock and verify receipt against your purchase order
  • Verify item numbers and descriptions
  • Carry out QC checks
  • Receive recipients’ names and cross check quantity required vs. receipts
  • Data enter or import names into freight system
  • Dispatch via post, courier or freight companies
  • Log in on your account or ours
  • Set up and manage POS hotlines for duration of campaign
  • Prepare dispatch, POD and follow up reports
  • Design and supply packaging suitable for your POS – either bespoke cartons or generic packs depending on your requirements.

Simplify the Process with NPF

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how our sophisticated POS system can simplify your point of sale distribution process, saving you time and money.