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To help you become better acquainted with the terms used by National Product Fulfilment and many other 3PL logistics and warehousing service providers, we’ve assembled a list of our most commonly used phrases and their definitions.

3PL Logistics

Definition : 3PL, or third party logistics, refers to the outsourcing of all or a part of a supply chain. This usually involves warehousing and transportation services scaled to fit each customer’s needs.

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Drop Shipping

Definition : This refers to the transfer of a customer’s order and shipment details directly to the manufacturer or wholesaler, who then ships the goods to the customer. Drop shipping is a technique that allows the retailer to avoid keeping goods in stock.

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Ecommerce Fulfilment

Definition : Similar to product fulfilment, ecommerce fulfilment is specifically related to the buying and selling of goods or services via digital communications, or online shopping.

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Electronic Data Interchange

Definition : This term describes the computer-to-computer transmission of data between two organisations. By transferring electronic documents in this way, the hassle of manual entry is avoided.

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Freight System

Definition : Freight system is used to describe the courier or postal service used to ship your goods from the warehouse to the customer.

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Inventory Management

Definition : The careful counting and monitoring of the goods held in stock is inventory management. It ensures that all records and accounts match what is actually in the warehouse at any given time.

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Pick and Pack

Definition : This refers to the order fulfilment of large quantities of product. Our warehousing team chooses the relevant items for each order, assemble the products in the correct packaging material and ship it to its final destination.

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Point of Sale Distribution

Definition : This is the delivery of your products or packages to the retailers or shop that will sell on your behalf.

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Product Fulfilment

Definition : Also known as order fulfilment, or simply fulfilment, this refers to the completion of an obligation to send an item or product to the customer who has purchased it.

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